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• Through Kahrad in-person and virtual representative.
• All Kahrad products have a special code that this code is inserted on the product and its identity card and by entering it in Kahrad site, you can access the product image and information and find out its authenticity.

Note: In case of damage due to improper use that will cause breakage in the stone and ring or any repair and change on the product without referring to the relevant sales representative will not guarantee the product.
• All Kahrad products include a 2-year warranty from the moment of registration in the name of the buyer.
• In case of loss of your product identification card (warranty card), you can access its information by entering the code entered on the desired product on the Kahrad website, but, if you want to re-issue your identity card, you can apply to the relevant agency.
• Because of the fact that each product has a unique code that is listed inside the product and on its identity card, it can be registered only once in the name of the buyer and it is not possible to change it.
• Kahrad products will not need to be re-clause or re-polished because of the high quality of plating and when cleaned, they are polished again with a special cloth.
• Kahrad products ID card as a guarantee card and confirmation of product authenticity in Kahrad system.
• Possibility of direct purchase from Kahrad website and headquarter is only for sales representatives and customers can register their order by visiting the store or page of the relevant representative.
• For get information about the sales representative of your desired city, please contact the following numbers:
• Because all Kahrad products are handmade, considerable time spent on their design and production stages that this does not make it possible to register a custom construction order. In addition, the uniqueness of the products, which is one of Kahrad's commercial policies has contradicts with this trend.