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Certificate of authenticity

Kahrad, a pioneer in designing and producing silver products with jewelry in a new way:

  • With more than 40 years of experience in producing and selling jewelry products.
  • Has the greatest variety of styles and designs in the field of jewelry products.
  • Equipped with a lithology laboratory under the supervision of specialists.
  • Has valid approvals from the French Reliance and the Iranian Specialized Jewelry Commission.

Kahrad's obligations

Originality of jewelry

With the presence of master designers and builders along with experts in the field of recognizing gemstones and with the support of 40 years of experience, we have been able to provide an irreplaceable effect of original jewelry products to domestic and foreign buyers.

Digital ID

There are unique codes on all Kahrad products that by entering it in the Kahrad system, you can access product information and be informed about the details of your Kahrad jewelry.

Possibility of registering each product in the name of its buyer

Due to the jewelry of Kahrad products and also the unique design and construction of each of them, it is possible to register each jewelry product in the name of the buyer, so that each person owns a Kahrad artwork.


All Kahrad products have a warranty card, which includes a 2-year warranty from the moment of registration in the name of the buyer.

Note : In case of damage due to improper use that causes breakage in the stone and ring or any repair and change on the product without consulting the relevant sales representative will not guarantee the product.

Note : Registration of the warranty in the name of the buyer on the Kahrad site is mandatory.

Kahrad's special pack and box

Kahrad has designed a special box and packaging (for sales representatives and buyers) for all its jewelry in addition to increasing the enjoyment of the shopping experience, it assures the buyer of keeping the jewelry product in its own box.

Sales representatives

One of the remarkable things in Kahrad is having sales representatives with high knowledge and expertise in the field of jewelry to provide the best in providing and consulting about Kahrad products to buyers.